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Moshir Caravanserai hotel

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Yazd karoansaray moshiri alley Hotel affiliated to the eve of the holy shrines emamzadeh Jafar (as) is a valuable sample of medieval architecture iadegari the past, in the time of mozaffaredin Shah Qajar to the hands of Yazd, Fathallah almmalec moshiri alley mostoufi, according to the number and the list of national monuments to 2768 and registered. This is the address of the guest noasia niakanman karoansaraie that time newest resorts. travelers tired of suffering the way. Now hteli beautiful and eye-catching video converter has been staying in this ancient reminders of past spending night warm and cordial and meals at the restaurant and hotel are equipped with yadmandeni for covering the people's lhazati to the man now we are proud to belong to the Qajar period in the abode with a host of modern facilities and standard hteli you be gramitan hotel restaurant guests and covering seven colors of tile and traditional architecture, its Museum, its specific international The art of precious ancient architecture and color these Iranian and foreign foods desert dyar. this restaurant offers catering with the art of memory as to remember your guests to warm up for the gift. The beautiful area of the restaurant and the roof of the form gnbadi, as it is attractive clocks if anesthesia under bnshinid it does not feel the passage of time. Kal hotel rooms which are not familiar the newest covering passengers tired of suffering the way. Now also travel fatigue of mind are reaching their guests. kahagli walls of rooms that inspired by the existing light in nature such as dstani have been designed for this miracle wood pieces are placed alongside each other and finally the color of glass with the elegance of wood parts in between sits the creation of light spectrum of the human soul to the ancient legend of the beautiful rooms are equipped with all cshand. service of Full health and standard hteli equipment. and the possibility of establishing Internet connection & for the residents of the rooms are available at any time of the day.


Address: Yazd , Moshir Caravanserai hotel , Moshir Market , Mosalla Street , imam Zade Ja'far Blv ,

Phone: 09035585203
Fax: 03536225600

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